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Amadi Vittorio, post-war boat used by the post office built entirely of wood. An ancient piece of naval art history of Venice.

since 1956

Vittorio Amadi, his name is inextricably linked to shipbuilding. A forerunner, given that he was the first to introduce marine plywood in the Burano shipyards and to update the old lines of transport boats to meet new needs. Born in 1929, master shipwright son of art (his father Giovanni had worked for Gabriele D’Annunzio while the brothers Agostino and Achille are also well-known shipwrights), in 1956 he founded Cantieri Amadi Vittorio snc in Burano , Where he lived.

The Region awarded him the title of “master shipwright” and the Port Authority entered him in the gold register of shipwrights. Over the years, all types of boats of the Venetian tradition have come out of his shipyard: from the “topi” for transport to the “caorline”, from the “bragozzi” to the “sandoli”, up to the “pupparini”. The Municipality had also bought some boats for the regattas.

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