slow travel

Slow Travel is taking us back to the roots of why we travel. Find out how you can embrace this mentality with Veneziamare.

what is Slow Travel?

Slow travel is an approach to travel that emphasizes connection: with local people, cultures, food and music. It is based on the idea that a trip is meant to educate and have an emotional impact, in the present and for the future, while remaining sustainable for local communities and the environment. Slow travel isn’t just about traveling from one place to another, it’s also about immersing yourself in a destination.

It consists of staying in the same place for some time to develop a deep connection with it. Going to local places, spending time with the locals and discovering their customs and traditions can turn an ordinary trip into a slow travel experience. The key is to take your time and let yourself go.

Benefits of Slow Traveling

How to travel slowly

Live like a local

Talk to the people you meet when you arrive at your destination and find out their favorite places to eat, relax and learn. They know this city better than you, so listen to their advice and follow it. That little bacaro might have the best wine you've ever had.

Get ready to grow

Embrace the feelings of unease and use your journey as an opportunity to grow and learn more about people around the world. Bargain at a local market. Whatever you do, don't hold back because of worry or discomfort.

bring it home

Once you have a grasp on this mindset, put it into practice in a place that is familiar to you, perhaps even your hometown. Is it a priority for you to make new connections in this city or do you settle for the relationships you already have?