a unique journey in the Venice lagoon

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Venice is the right place to find spaces on a human scale and, even if we are still talking about a city, to reconsider the right relationship with nature.


Amadi Vittorio, post-war boat used by the post office built entirely of wood. A piece of naval art history of the Serenissima.


Slow Travel is taking us back to the roots of why we travel. Find out how you can embrace this mindset to immerse yourself in the experience.

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We aim to try to improve tourism, making it sustainable and above all in line with the naturalistic context. We have created four unique itineraries for you: Magic Islands, Wild Nature, La Dolce Vita and Sunset Tour. By renting our historic boat, we’ll take you to the most hidden and unusual corners of Venice, where you’ll discover everything about its history and the daily life of a city in contact with water. If you have any doubts or want to request a customized tour for your interests, consult a local!

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sunset tour
Discover our new tour, dedicated to the most romantic moment: the sunset

why slow travel?


Local people, cultures, food and music. It is based on the idea that travel is meant to educate and have an emotional impact, now and for the future, while remaining sustainable for local communities and the environment.

mass tourism

The city faces a more immediate risk: the rising tide of tourists, currently estimated at 25 million a year and set to reach 38 million by 2025. Choosing to travel slowly not only benefits your vacation, it’s also an eco-friendly choice and sustainable.


Traveling slowly can be a cheaper option than a typical sightseeing trip. Public transport passes tend to be more expensive, and don’t offer the kind of experience that a customized tour would offer.

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